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Our waterways make the perfect
spot for guests–including those
with wings.

Santa Rosa County is perfectly positioned for birding with Navarre Beach's miles of undisturbed gulf and sound waterfront, Milton's network of rivers and creeks, and the county's 62 lakes. • Visit Gulf Islands National Seashore for migratory birds and a variety of gulls and shorebirds
• Witness the feeding habits of pelicans from the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier
• Canoe, kayak or zip-line through Blackwater River State Park, Forest and other habitats surrounding historic Milton.

The same climate which makes us a year-round destination for golf and the beach also means enjoyable birding during all four seasons. For more information, visit


Free birding and outdoor
maps in Santa Rosa county


Francis M. Weston Audubon
Society in Pensacola, Florida